Carbon dating your creations. lets you timestamp your creations and prior art. This helps you prove you made your creation before others. Think of it as a public notary for your files.


Whether it is graphic design, fashion or industrial design you want to protect your works. Copyrighting and patents are not necessarily enough this day and age. helps you put a timestamp on your works that you can use to your advantage.

3D printing

One of the characteristics of 3D printing is that it makes objects infinitely copiable and 3D printing sites often have stolen designs on them. can help you show the world you were first to create your 3D printable design.

Photos and more

Have a photo you need to date to prove it was taken on a certain date? Exif data can be tampered with unlike's knowledge of the photo in question. You can also timestamp ebooks, PDFs, creative writings, scientific papers etc.

Prior art is great for proving the existence of prior art.

It's easy

Just drag and drop a file into your browser and you're done. Works on your mobile device too. More about our technology can be found here. More features are coming soon.

It's free

Signing and timestamping your files is free.